Saturday, 30 April 2016


So after the slab cured the stormwater and sewer connections have been dug in, then we had all the frames etc delivered.
Unfortunately they sat there for a few days as the carpenters went to a different job to finish /sadface.

Then Tuesday 26th April I drove past and found this...

  Hazzah!! Pretty cool to see the rooms other than lines on paper.

Then 2 days later and .....BOOM


And got to go for a walk through with the SS, so good to get inside and look around.
Picked up on a few minor things in the framing, linen doors not at the upgraded height, just little things.

Hopefully windows and bricks starting next week.
Stay posted....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Concrete and beyond....

Quick over view of post it took just 3 weeks to go from a block of dirt to a concrete slab...

So after the block was cut 30/3, the first layer of formwork was setup on 6/4 and piering was drilled and poured 7/4.

This was really awesome to see the actual outline of the house and how much yard is left over (lots).

Interior plumbing was dug in the next day 8/7 - Thursday.

On Monday we has the rest of the slab form work completed and the waffle pods started (nearly finished).


Annnnd the very next day: Concrete!!

Looks a bit better dry:

And today 19/4 we have all the storm water dug in and sewer line dug to the back, fingers crossed we start framing tomorrow....

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Meeting onsite with SS and dirt turned

Met with our SS (Scott) last Tuesday.

It was really good to see someone onsite and talk over how the build will go and get some confidence in the process, he sounded really happy with the contractors he works with up this way so that is a major plus.

The best part was that he had booked in the excavators for Thursday to cut the block and by the time we had finished chatting they had messaged him asking if they could start tomorrow!!

So the block was cut on Wednesday and toilet has now been delivered to site, fencing and whatnot to be delivered on Monday and concreters onsite from Tuesday, looking at a slab hopefully by next weekend!! Woo.

Things finally feel like they are happening.